June 9




Quand est ton anniversaire.   Mon anniversaire est le trent et un mars.

Comment s’appelle  ton père?  Son nom est Daryl


Comment s’appelle  ton poison?  le nom de mon poison est Fuego

Où sont tes vacances favoris? j’aime aller aux Costa Rica

Quelle est ta couleur préférée? mA couleUr préféré est le vert

Quel est ton animal préféré? Mon animal préféré est la girafe.

Qui est la personne la plus importante pour vous? Les persone les plus


importantes sont ma famille .


Quel est un animal que tu désires?  je désire une girafe

Quelle est ta voiture préférée  je n’ai pas une voiture préférée




1: Quelle est ta couleur préférée ?   Ma couleur préférée est le rouge.

2: Quel âge as- tu? J’ai onze ans.

3: Qui est ta célébrité préférée   ? Je n’ai pas une célébrité préférée 


4: Combien de frères et sœurs es-ce que tu as? J’ai deux frères.


5: Quelle est ta matière préférée? Mon sujet préféré est les mathématiques.

6: Quelles sont vos vacances préférées? Mes vacances préférées est York.

7: As-tu des animaux domestiques? J’ai deux perruches.


8:Quelle est ta nourriture préférée? Ma nourriture préférée est le poisson et des frites

9: Quel est ton magasin préféré? Mon magasin préféré est le magasin de Apple.

  1. Quelle est ta fleur préférée? Je n’ai pas de fleur préférée.
March 22

Innovation day


Intro to wind energy!


As our topic, we have done wind energy. Wind energy, Wind turbines are not turned by energy the complete opposite actually they turn and that gives us power. It is also renewable energy and very environmentally friendly. If all the energy we used was wind energy it would make our world last many years longer.


How wind turbines work!


this is a short video on how wind turbines work 

That video showed you how they work but what happens when you try to stop them. Try to stop it with a button it won’t work because we don’t use electricity to power it can only be stopped if the wind stops completely otherwise it just spins unless it goes too fast it automatically shuts off.


What we are trying to solve!


We are trying to solve the problem of non-renewable energy that means that it either is limited energy or that it is not good for the environment. If we all use renewable energy it would make the world have more wildlife because we don’t need big factories.


Why we are adding electricity to our park!


Well, it is fun and it is not bad for the environment so why not, it also makes it so we can have roller coasters.  most parks would not have electricity but this is an amusement park so you need power to make slides flow and roller coasters move.


Here is my video

March 11

Matter Project

For my Matter Project, I did Plastic Pollution. I picked plastic pollution because I thought it was the most interesting topic. what I had to do was research my topic (Plastic Pollution), after I had to create a speech and a shirt, poster, or video etc. I created a video but instead of making a speech, I put all the info in the video. What I learned is that Plastic Pollution is killing a lot of fish and sea birds. I also learned that it is all our fault and that we can stop it if we help fund better recycling systems. this surprised me that 300 million tonnes. I think that this project was super fun and exciting and I would love to do another thing like this. I am proud of my video and speech they took a lot of time and effort I hope you will watch my video. Here is the link



March 8


Matter, a material substance that constitutes the observable universe and, together with energy, forms the basis of all objective phenomena.

High Resolution Periodic Tables

the 3 states of matter are Liquid, Solid and Gas. An example of this is when water gets too cold it becomes ice too hot steam and room temperature liquid.


physical change is where the change can NOT be reversed.

March 4

Eitan’s story about his best vacation. ( in french )

Je suis allé au Sommet Morin Heights, nous avons fait de la tyrolienne.

Lundi matin, notre tente a été inondée, nous étions très tristes de devoir
 y trouver une cabane c'était très chaleureux et agréable quand.

ma mère faisait de la tyrolienne, 
elle est restée coincée au milieu d'une tyrolienne. le lendemain, nous sommes 
allés au parc aquatique c'était tellement amusant que je me souviendrai longtemps de ce
 voyage pour de bonnes et de mauvaises raisons.
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January 27

Scientists in the School Reflection

Last week we did scientists in the school which is where we were on a meet and we had to find out what the mystery powder was.

First, we went through a series of experiments using Baking Soda, Flour, Vitamin C and Epsom salt. I learned that when you mix cabbage water and baking soda it almost explodes. Here is the link to their website. ( Home – Scientists in School )

We spent the afternoon with scientist Dana exploring Matter.


We did several experiments, using theses materials trying to figure out the ‘mystery powder’:

  • Baking soda
  • Epsom salts
  • Vitamin C
  • Water
  • Cabbage powder


Explain what you did and your favourite part of the afternoon experiment. What was the mystery powder?

The favourite part of it was when I mixed all of the things together. ( It exploded )  

It was awesome! I do not remember what the mystery powder was but I know I did not guess it right.