Response to article

I think Minecraft can be educational but when people think of Minecraft they do not think of the educational version. If it was the only thing that you could do then it would be better than nothing. It is not like one of those rip-off games, where you buy it for $10.00 and then you get nothing. So I think that it can’t replace in-school learning though. 

I know that is free that is why I agreed when it said “free access to education.”      This means everyone can play it which means everyone can have access to education even without a teacher.

The article said that mostly only kids play it. That is very true. Also, It says that there are “calming noises” but all I hear is a zombie and weird sound That is not calming for me. So I disagree with that

Finally, it says that the writer and her family have “a world together”, I play with my older brother but not with my whole family so overall I think Minecraft can be educational but it cannot replace in-class teaching.

Advice For Auggie!


Dear August,

I want you to know that we could do something about the situation between you and Jack Will.

I don’t think we have had a problem like this but I have a lot of power at school and could put you in a different class. I think you should go back to school so that we can have a chat I think it would be good to see what’s up with Jack Will we could also talk to your entire class.

If you come back to school I suggest you ignore Jack, and soon enough I will talk to him. He will understand what he said was not kind. If you are feeling brave, you could also talk to him and ask why he said what he said. I could help make a meeting if you would like me to do that. Who knows he could be trying to persuade him to think you are a good kid, which you are!

Please just come back,

From your principal,


Science Blog Reflection

I learned about the digestive system.

I know that the mouth leads to the esophagus.

After the esophagus is the stomach that breaks down food with the help of the liver and pancreas.

After the stomach, it goes into the small intestine. In the small intestine, the water is absorbed into the walls any of the leftover water is removed from your body.

Your anus is the part of your digestive system that removes the waste.