Creative writing

I could not believe it was really happening. I knew that it was going to change my life. At the time, I was living in a small apartment with no car. With the one million dollars I would be able to move out into a big house with a Rolls Royce. My girlfriend and I had been dating for 1 year now so I thought why not propose now that I can afford the ring. I gave 30K to my family for everything they had done for me. I knew that one million dollars would be amazing but not this good. I can take out my girlfriend to lunches and dinners and not be in debt. My first purchase was the 30K ring for my girlfriend. I then bought I nice house for us and eventually our kids. I next bought the Rolls Royce for 100K.


The next day was the big day. I was going to propose to my girlfriend. I took her out for lunch and at dessert, I proposed. SHE SAID YES! I was so happy, I went to show her our house. She was so surprised at how big the house was. She said she wanted kids so the next day I got her pregnant.


10 Months Later


IT’S A BOY!!!! My child was a boy, my boy I was a father. We named the child Benjamin after my great grandfather. I was going to give him the best life a baby could have. After everything I had bought, I still had $1000 dollars. I knew exactly what I was going to do, buy a lot more lottery tickets. I bought 100 more tickets and next week I watched the tv in hopes one of my numbers would win. You would not believe what happened I WON ANOTHER 10 MILLION DOLLARS. I went to go tell my wife. When I told her she did not believe me so I showed her the tv she was so happy that she fainted I woke her up again and we celebrated. I went to the place I got the ticket from and showed them they verified that it was real. They said I would receive the money in 1-2 months.


1-2 Months Later


The money was there in my bank account…

To Be Continued. . .

Exhilarating Reading Project

DRAGONS they’re real. These are the thoughts of a young Dragon rider named Eragon.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to the Inheritance Series Podcast.

The podcast where you will see Elves and Dwarfs and beasts like Dragons and Urgls or the bigger Urgls, Kulls. Warning MAJOR SPOILERS.

Now to the project. In this project, we had to read a book and then make something to explain the. I chose to make a podcast because they are the thing that spoke out to me the most. we had a few options and these are some of them. Boardgame, Youtube video, comic or children’s book. I am not a good artist so comic would not work, And I don’t have a youtube channel so a youtube video would not work that is why I chose a podcast.

I chose the elements of my podcast that I did because I explained the whole book so I included all the elements of the book. These consist of the urgl’s attack, Eragon meeting Brom, Eragon receiving Zor’oc. These are only some of the many events I mention.

If I were going through the process again I would take more notes about basically everything. I would make sure to find more literary devices and more on the actual storyline. I would also try and get the podcast recorded earlier not 3 days before like this time.

Now you know a little bit about my podcast I think it is time you actually heard it.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

My rocket

In science class, we built paper rockets. This is Flipgrid video I explain things about my rocket. Like how I cut the tail fins so they were more aerodynamic.

I forgot to say things about the four forces of flight. I should have said the flew because the air pressure from the rocket launcher was the thrust and then at the peak, it stopped going up because of drag. then gravity took over so it went down.


I hope you liked it cause I know I did.

Creative writing

In 2057 (intense music plays)

Life will be changed. Cars won’t drive they will hover. Computers will be holograms and everybody will have Iron Man suits. There will be no oxygen and you will have to buy artificial oxygen. because there would be no more plants. Crime would happen so often, guns would be lasers instead of bullets. The army would be “an Iron Legion”(Iron Man movie). Nothing would be the same. I think schools would not be a thing and knowledge would just be put in your head at birth. You could walk and talk in the first hour of being born.




I was drafted into the army in Israel when I was 18 they gave me my suit, IT WAS AMAZING! It was hard to learn how to fly in it but I got the hang of it. I got my battle training, I learned how to shoot the lasers, and it was hard. One day when I was in flight training I realized there was no one else it was my and the trainer I was going to get promoted in mid-air, I started to do my best moves and tricks I did a flip I hit all the targets first try. But then…


To be continued…

Truth and reconciliation

reconciliation is the restoration of friendly relations.
for example, if you had a friend that you had a fight with, reconciling would be making it up to them.

Q: What are Residential schools?
A: Residential schools are where christens took indigenous kids and tried to convert them to Christianity and make them forget about their old culture.

Q: What did they do to the children and what was the result?
A: they would beat the children if they spoke their language they would cut the children’s hair. The result was alcoholism as adults and not knowing how to care for children.

middle school retrete

On the first day of the retreat we did an obstacle course I could not do the 8-foot wall but I still had fun.

on the second day, we did white water rafting was sooo fun

in white water rafting, I always splashed everybody my boat hated it

the obstacle course was so fun and I did it 3 times in 1 hour.





Quand est ton anniversaire.   Mon anniversaire est le trent et un mars.

Comment s’appelle  ton père?  Son nom est Daryl


Comment s’appelle  ton poison?  le nom de mon poison est Fuego

Où sont tes vacances favoris? j’aime aller aux Costa Rica

Quelle est ta couleur préférée? mA couleUr préféré est le vert

Quel est ton animal préféré? Mon animal préféré est la girafe.

Qui est la personne la plus importante pour vous? Les persone les plus


importantes sont ma famille .


Quel est un animal que tu désires?  je désire une girafe

Quelle est ta voiture préférée  je n’ai pas une voiture préférée




1: Quelle est ta couleur préférée ?   Ma couleur préférée est le rouge.

2: Quel âge as- tu? J’ai onze ans.

3: Qui est ta célébrité préférée   ? Je n’ai pas une célébrité préférée 


4: Combien de frères et sœurs es-ce que tu as? J’ai deux frères.


5: Quelle est ta matière préférée? Mon sujet préféré est les mathématiques.

6: Quelles sont vos vacances préférées? Mes vacances préférées est York.

7: As-tu des animaux domestiques? J’ai deux perruches.


8:Quelle est ta nourriture préférée? Ma nourriture préférée est le poisson et des frites

9: Quel est ton magasin préféré? Mon magasin préféré est le magasin de Apple.

  1. Quelle est ta fleur préférée? Je n’ai pas de fleur préférée.